Developing a Health lifestyle Part 1: Your Why

This is a podcast I did on finding your why, which will help interalize these ideas further.

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So for the next few months we will be taking a dive into deveolping a healthy lifestyle. Originally I had most of this typed out into pages on my site. But ever few people looked at them se to bring more awarness to them I have updated them and I will be posting a new part to this each week. until we finish off with the conclusion, That will take awhile since I will be posting these every other week, with the alternating week being dedicated to something else. Anywho enough sset up let’s dive into the post!!

Let’s get into it! Here we will be addressing what makes up a healthy lifestyle. These key principles can help anyone stay on track. We will also talk about developing a “Why,” or your reason for wanting to change your lifestyle. You do not have to share it with anyone, however, it is a valuable thing to know.

These pillars of health are more out of convenience than anything. Originally I started with just wanting to get healthy. However, as I started to get more entrenched in this paradigm shift I really focused on 9 key ideas that helped me on my path. As I developed my thoughts I realized that the 9 ideas really fell into 5 main principles, which are:
Mobility and Movement
Mindfulness Mindset
Smart Sleep
Community Connection

Now that we know the principles, let’s spend some time getting to know each of them.

  • Healthy lifestyle: This section will bring you to a page that will give you a brief breakdown of LCHF, and will also talk about the low-carb flu, becoming fat adapted and fasting. It will also have quick links to my breakdown of LCHF, keto, Primal eating.
  • Mobility and Movement: This section outlines my approach to working out and recovering movement patterns. I will also provide an example workout template to help people start to get up and moving.
  • Mindfulness Management:  Here I talk about the importance of positive self-talk, understanding and developing your why (yes again!!). I tie this all together by talking about obtaining and developing positive self-talk. Remember it is okay to fail. The test comes, however, when you have to pick yourself up.
  • Smart Sleep: This section will give you some awesome actionable strategies to help improve your sleep today, no joke.
  • Community Connection: This may be just as hard as the mental stuff because it is hard if you do not have a support system around you. In this section, I talk about finding a group of people that will help build you up, instead of dwelling on your downfalls.

It will be helpful to keep these principles in mind as you ease into a healthier mind shift. If you are finding it hard to figure out where to start I do have a 7-Day Startup guide to help you talk these ideas and actionable use them in your daily life.


The best thing about these pillars is that they are synergistic, the more of them you have dialed in, the easier life becomes. It’s like the best positive feedback loop ever! However, before we get there we have to start from within; after all, all change starts from within. I don’t mean to sound like a self-help book, but it’s true. Before we can start making changes that stick, we must first convince ourselves that the change is important and necessary. We do that by figuring out why we are making these changes. This is referred to as “Finding your why,” or “Finding your reason for change.”

Knowing your Why is important because you can use it as an anchor when you are uncertain as to why you are making healthy changes. With that being said, your Why needs to important to <em>you.</em> For example: “I want to lose weight.” would not be an ideal Why. Only because a why should define the reason for your actions. You should be able to come back to your Why when you are struggling with staying on track.

A strong Why should be personal, and remind you why you are putting in the effort, like: “I want to lose weight, to get in control of my diabetes,” or “I want to get to a healthy weight, so I can run and play with my kids,” or even “I want to look good naked so my spouse cannot keep their hands off me.” These are good Why’s because they give you a reason to keep up this lifestyle when it gets hard because, in the beginning, it will be.

Your Why should be personal, it does not need to make sense to anyone else, only you. After all, there will be rough spots when you first start out. Our bodies need time to adapt, and if we are not mentally prepared and tough there is a chance we will fail to make a lasting change. I know I have fallen flat a few time, but my Why helped me to be focused on the goal.

Here are a few things that may derail you: Carb-flu, social pressures, low motivation, hitting a plateau, or even decision fatigue. So, your Why needs to be stronger than all of that. When you know your Why, you are helping to prepare for the inevitable bad spots on your journey to health.

To help drive the point home, here are two videos I like that talk about starting with why.

Hopefully, this post and videos helped express my views of creating a solid Why to fall back on. If you are finding it hard to stary on track, I can help I offer coaching for just this thing. Anything from a 30-minute consult to help you iron things out the a longer 8-week program to help you reach your goals

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