ThrivingonFat PSA

Hello everyone!!

So, if you have not noticed I have gone a little dark that past few months and I had to put all of my published progects on hold. sorry about that. however I am still working and brainstorming on content. I will start posting again soon. If you are wanting more Thriving of Fat, you should totally checkout my instagram I post motivational quotes and food pictures from time to time.

Anywho, back to my mainpoint. I will start coming out with new content, however before that I am going to give my humble page a little makeover. I am afraid the format I have is a little clunky (too many subpages) so I will be reworking it into a new “Start Here” page. You would think it was easy (I sure did,) however I have to update all of my hyperlinks too. Dang it.

Now you know what I am up to. I am still working on some really good stuff, but I need to get the page looking pretty first. Thank you for being understanding!!

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