Sneak Peek of my E-book Part 2

Hey, peeps!

As promised here is a sneak peek of the 7 Day Start-up guide. There are a few formatting issues I am dealing with, but I will be sending it out by the 15th rain or shine. However, that is not the main reason for my blog today. My reason for typing this post today is to give you an idea of what the e-book will entail, while also giving you another preview to enjoy while you are waiting for the 15th.

The preview will include the table of contents and the Day 0 activity.

Part 1: ThrivingonFat Hyperlinks
Part 2: The Return of Health: The 7 Day Start-up Guide
~Day 0: Why are you doing this?
~Day 1: ToF Kitchen and the 30-Minute Meal
~Day 2: Create a Morning Ritual
~Day 3: Midweek Day Off
~Day 4: Stoic mindset
~Day 5: Sleep Like a Boss
~Day 6: Enjoy the Journey
~Day 7: Grab Dinner With a Group of Friend
~Life After Day 7: Planning
Part 3: Appendix
~Rouge Cookbook
~~Snacks (if needed)
~~Sweet Treats
~~~The Pantry Awakens
~~~~Kitchen Gadgets
~~~~Non-essentials (but uber awesome)
~~~Edible Essentials
~~~~The Dairy Trials
~~~~The Legend of Fauna
~~~~The Adventure of Flora
~~~~Oil’s Awakening
~~~~Nut Quest
~~~Attack of the Sweetness
~~~~Sugars: First Contact
~~~~Pure, White and Deadly
~~~~Sugary Epidemic Batman!
~~~The Wheat Strikes Back
~~~~The Darkside of Wheat
~~~~Getting Sticky With Gluten
~~~~Allergy, sensitivity, autoimmunity, oh my!
Closing Remarks

So now that you have an idea about what we will be talking about in the e-book, let’s move on to the section everyone really cares about!

Day 0: Why are you doing this?

“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive about what could go right” – Tony Robbins

For those of you who are super excited to start; I don’t want you to start changing everything just yet, because for some of us this lifestyle may seem contrary to everything we have been told about diet and lifestyle. Changing our health paradigm is not a sprint, but a marathon. We need to train step by step to work up our, “No thank you” muscle when we are offered the cookies, cakes, and pizza that always ends up around the office.

Today, I want you to skim this book and look at what we will be doing over the next 7 days so there will be no surprises. There are three main things I want you to do before you start the 7 Day Start-up Guide which are:

  1. Create a meal plan using the meals I give you in the Recipe section of the appendix.
  2. Figure out your “Why”
  3. Form an idea of what you want to look like 3-months from now.

If this is too much for you for one day then space it out into 3 day’s, but please do these things before you officially start the 7-day guide, because these will help you turn this into a lifestyle. Also, you can start incorporating these meals before you start.

First, I want you to check out the meals I have included and make a list of what you need to make sure your kitchen is nice and stalked up. I have provided a Blank Meal Planner that you can use, to help you plan your week. You may want to print one out and configure a shopping list so you can go to the store and stock up.

When making your list include the amount of each item so you do not run out. You can either go shopping today or tomorrow, if you are going today, you’ll want to read part one tomorrow’s challenge as well (it covers shopping at a grocery store).

After looking through the book and making your list I want you to think about two things. First is knowing your reason for embarking on this journey. I call this, “Finding your Why.” I address the topic more here: 5 principles of Health. Having a reason for making a positive change in your life is key to staying the course. The second thing I want you to think about is: where on your health journey do you want to be in 3 months? Be as vivid as possible. In 3 months from now, do you want to fit into an old pair of pants? Maybe you want to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without labored breaths. It could be as simple as having the freedom to skip a meal if you cannot eat dinner because life got ahead of you.

Think about it. See yourself. See the beautiful strong person you have always been. In your mind’s eye, you can see yourself feeling better, being able to get up and move more.

Take these mental images and internalize them, even write them down (I have included a page to write on if needed), keep this note to yourself in an easily accessible place so you can see the person you want to become when things get tough. Let this exercise help you build the mental toughness needed to say “no” to the sweets, and allow you the energy to say, “yes” to the things that matter.

If you do not feel like you have the strength to do all of this, then use my strength. I believe in you. I know you can do it, after all, you have done more than most people will ever do. You reached out and asked for help and guidance. That what this guide is.

Remember: It’s about progress, not perfection.

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