Carnivore, Coaching, and New Year, oh my!!!

Good day folks!! Today I have a lot to talk to you about so sit down and enjoy. I will attempt to keep this brief.

I have not given you an update on my muscle building program in a while, I will rectify that now! The reason I have not typed up another one is not that the lack of carbs killed me and I withered into a  limp pile of nothingness, in fact, I am looking like a Beast, minus the blue fur, and mass, and glasses… Okay, maybe not the beast, but I look damn good. Does anyone get the X-men reference? It feels weird typing that I like the way I look because I have never really felt that way.

Regardless of that though, I have not given an update, because there has not been one to give. For a while now I have been sick as a dog and not feeling like getting out of bed, let alone going for a workout. So, in the best interest of my health, I have put the program on hold and just focus on getting my gut healthy and recovering from the illness and the meds as well. What does this mean for the program? I will be restarting it when I feel 100%

On to the next item on the docket. I have opened a store and I will be offering coaching online next week I will be posting a full write up on that, but basically, I will be offering on time calls, packaged calls, or month long coachings to help you along your healthy journey. Check it out here.

As for the last thing, come the new year (release date uncertain) I will be releasing a 28-day guide to help you become the hero of your journey. I am really excited about this. it will include mindset, diet and movement stuff. I want to help you become your inner hero, so you do not have to pull a Bonnie Tyler and hold out for a hero. Yes, that was a reference to her amazing song, I know I am ridiculous… or at least my wife thinks so.

Anywho, more on that will be coming the week after next, which means the primal update will be pushed back, but I will still be plugging along with it on my end.

Which reminds me, come the start of the new year I will be posting my pillar of health outlines via the blog, since the site pages are not as heavily trafficked as the blog is, and hopefully it will help anyone starting the healthy lifestyle around the new year.

Okay, now I am done with that update. I am proud of myself, I did not get off on many tangents, and when I did I kept in pectinate and brief. Heck yes!! So, enjoy the rest of the week.

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