ToF Book Club

These are the books I talk about and reference often. They are all great books to help you on your journey.

If you have any book suggestions for me, please send them my way (via, the contact page of any of my social media platforms) and I will check them out, and possibly put them in the book club; if I do I will let everyone know you recommended the book.

The Big Fat Surprise, by Nina Teicholz, is one of my must-read books. It helps us understand how the Diet-Heart Hypothesis took root and how we got into the fat phobic mindset that may explain why our health has taken such a downturn in the past decades. If you want to read my book review, check it out here. I dive into her book to give you get a high-level overview of her points, but it is no substitute for her 400-page book. If you want to read or listen to it, check out “The Big Fat Surprise” here.

“Why We Get Fat”, is Gary Taubes book on the topic, it is a great book to help you grasp how we get fat. It is similar to Nina’s book because it covers some of the same historical evens, but each author add many different scientific studies and they emphasize different points. This truly is a book about, why we get fat and what to do about it. Taubes goes into fuel partitioning in the body and how that affects our fat storage hormones. If you want to read my review of this book I broke it into two parts, you can read part I here, where I review part one of his book “Biology, Not Physics.” If you would rather get into the meat of the book, you can read part II here, where I review the part of the book that is the practical part where Gary talks about what we can do to help us lose weight. Much like with Nina’s book, no review does the book justice, so if you would like to read or listen to the book, check out “Why We Get Fat: And What To Do About It” Here

If you want to learn about the seathy underbelly of the olive oil trade go no further than here. Extra Virginity is a wonderful and compelling read. If you are not quite sold on the book yet, then check out my review here. However, if you do not need any more convincing from me you can get “Extra Virginity” for yourself here. If you do end up getting the book, tell me how you like it in a comment on the blog page dedicated to the book.