Why I started ThrivingonFat

Hey peeps, I wanted to go in a little bit about why I started this blog, just in case anyone is interested. My goal with Thriving On Fat is to use this as a training and tracking tool for myself. Doing this keeps me motivated to stay on course, so to speak. I didn’t only start this for myself. I hope that my message will reach people and in turn, it will change their life for the better as well. After all, we are all in this world together and if we can make a positive change in our immediate family and friend group them our world would be the better for it. I know this may cause some to eye-roll, and that’s okay, you don’t have to share my views on that, I am a bit of a hippy in that respect.

I want to dive into a few points I mentioned. When I say training, I am talking about writing an article. When I research and write on a topic it is because it has either peaked one of my interests or it is sparked by a problem myself or someone I know is going through. Instead of learning it and fixing that one person’s problem I would rather write about it because something taught is something twice learned. Aside from learning the topic twice, it is also now available to whoever wants to read it, then they gain the knowledge as well, and I can also come back to my old posts to review what I have learned so the knowledge sticks even more. This also helps me justify spending a lot of time learning about health and fitness. So, win, win, win!!!

Another point I mentioned was that it serves as a tracker for me because it holds me accountable to continue being the change I want to see in the world. Which causes me be a lifelong student. I will be the first to admit that I am nowhere near perfect, but I am better than the woman I was yesterday, however, I am not as good as my future self will be. This is why my tagline is “Progress not perfection.” No one can be perfect, but we can progress to a better version of ourselves. Also if full disclosure, I may also document and post my n=1 or self-experiments here. This can be used as a learning tool for others who may want to attempt a similar protocol. It is important to remember, however, that no two people are the same and my results may differ from your own. Most importantly, if any of my experiments blow up in my face you could enjoy a much-needed dose of schadenfreude, or you could try to tweak your experiment to avoid my pitfall.

Above all else, (well aside from the schadenfreude point) I like helping people, and often times I get asked how I stay as vibrant I do. To be honest, I’m not overly bulked out nor do have an awesome 6-pack. However, I think the main reason for people to ask is that I am a very enthusiastic and positive person, for the most part, no matter if I need to start work at 12pm, 12am or anywhere in between. That really gets people interested into what I’m doing; I wanted to share that with whomever stumbles upon this blog.