Mindfulness Management

“I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.” – Muhammad Ali

This page has gone through a few iterations (and may come into a few more) and a lot of it was most recently sparked my wife, sister and my 5-year-old nephew. Originally I started this page with, “Mindfulness and mindset can become a major source of contentment and happiness in life. If they are building you up they have a synergistic effect on your body and mind. Having a positive mindset can help lift you when, when life knocks you down. Having mindfulness allows you to become persistent with your passions and it helps you cultivate resilience, grit, tenacity, and endurance which will help lead you to success.” Which I wholeheartedly believe, however, I was looking at the three people I mentioned above and came to another thought. A mindfulness practice is a key to having positive change, but before you can have a mindfulness practice that pushes you towards healthy options you first need to have positive self-talk. After all, when no one is around and you hate on yourself, that is what you feel like you deserve.

Being mindful is more than positive self-talk, being able to take compliments and knowing your “Why”. It is everything. If you do not buy into your goals or aspirations you will never obtain them, however, if you somehow do it may leave you with imposter syndrome, or like you, there is still something missing. This happens when your goals do not align with your outlook.

We all know that person who seems to have it all but they are still sad and depressed. Maybe you are that person. Being comfortable in your own skin is not about scale weight, calories consumed or how much you can deadlift. It is about self-worth. High self-worth goes hand in hand with caring about your body inside and out. I am not saying that if you have negative self-talk or worth means you are unhealthy, just that you may be less likely to feel like you can get better. It reminds me of Eeyore, no matter how much positivity you gave him, he was just a glass half empty kind of guy. If you come at life feeling like, “yeah I guess I can give this a try.” You are less likely to get the same results and the person oozing with some much positivity that they probably fart rainbows. You just can’t bring that kind of person down, because if they get knocked down they dust themselves off and say, “Okay, that didn’t work… Maybe I can try it this way.” They repeat that until they reach their goal. It is not because they don’t believe in failure, but they are tenacious because they know they can figure out the outcome.

If you have not seen true tenacity in action, then look at kids. I have a 9-month-old, and he is a tenacious little bugger. He will not relent until he gets what he wants, it is not because he has confidence, it is because he does not think he can fail. When you go at a problem knowing you cannot fail: you won’t.

You can also look at any professional or Olympic athlete. How many of them say that they knew they were going to be famous for their sport before they were. A prime example is the great Muhammad Ali, he once said, “I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.” That is not being cocky, it is believing in yourself no matter what. Because if you get your self-worth from other, it will fail you time and time again.

To clarify, positive influences around you is good, but it should not supplement your positive self-talk. After all, when everyone else has left, who are you left with? Just you and your thoughts. Would you talk to your spouse or child the way you talk to yourself when no one is listening? Think about it. If that’s not an emphatic yes, that’s okay, it just means you have improvements you can make. I still struggle with this from time to time. This is why it is good to surround yourself with people who care for you. So they can help you it times of weakness. I know that this may seem like a self-help book, but it needed to be said. I’ll up off my soapbox now.

In subsequent blog posts about the mindfulness mindset, I will be diving into morning rituals, self-improvement, and stress management. Which should be fun, if you could not tell, this topic gets me fired up.