010: Jonathan Shane

Today I am interviewing Deeper State Keto Coach, Jonathan Shane.


Before diving into his story we talk about The One Take Stoic quote. You can find the notes for that episode here.

When we get into the meat of the episode we focus on using a coach to help you get to your goals. It’s important to note, that a coach is there to help provide accountability and structure to obtaining your goals. Eventually, we all run out of things we can internally learn, and in order to grow, you may need a guide to help you notice your weak spots and refine your current approach. Having an outside observer can sometimes be the difference between reaching and going farther than your goals.


Coaching is very individualized, no two coaching plans will look that same, because an approach for a person gaining weight will look very different from a person trying to help their ADD or healing their gut. It will all change depending upon your goals you who you are as an individual person.

The main point is that sometimes we all need assistance, and it should not be bad that we need to ask for help.

As we progress with the conversation, Jonathan shares his story with me. When he was younger he struggled with his weight, and in turn, he struggled with his relationship with food. It got to the point where he would throw up his food, anything from junk food to healthy food. It wasn’t until his mom found out where he was throwing up that he could really address and heal from the food issues.

Around this same time of recovering, he found his faith and that caused him to really start to battle with the issues and start to win. He wanted to treat his temple as nicely as you would your church.

This helped spark his true health journey that leads him to become a health trainer at a local country club, a tumbling coach then finally a personal training director at another gym. None of these jobs really panned out for him, even though he felt a passion for helping others. This caused him to momentarily quit on his dream to pursue a pest control job. While in the thick of that, he found Keto again. The first time he tried Keto it didn’t quite pan out, but this time he had done his research and knew how to implement it successfully.

Around this time he reached out to Robert Sikes to gain more knowledge about bodybuilding since Robert is one of the most well known fully keto bodybuilders. He had reached out to other big named Keto folks, but only Robert had responded.

They talked back and forth, and in February of 2018, Shane decided he wanted to do a bodybuilding show. Once they picked a show and as Jonathan started to get ready for the prep to his show He started to share his journey. While doing so people started to message him telling him that his journey was helping them through their struggles. During this time Jonathan reached out to Robert about joining his brand and sharing his mission. In early October he became a coach for Deeper State Keto and he started off with on client and over the course of 3 and a 1/2 months, he now has 16 clients that he works with.

As of now there are three different DSK (Deeper State Keto) coaches to choose from including Jonathan, they do plan on bringing on more coaches, but for now, it is just three.

We also talk about the number of health coaches and that is it awesome that there are so many other health coaches out there. When there are more to choose from, there is more of a possibility that the consumer can find a coach that clicks with them. The competitive nature of health coaching also encourages the quality health coaches to improve their knowledge base.

The really exciting thing is that is you sign up for the program before the end of Febuary you can join the DSK Summer Shred Challenge

The special DSK 90 Day Summer Shred Challenge is the same $197.00 price, but it also comes with:


  • The standard 90 day DSK program
  • A group setting in a private slack channel for encouragement and accountability
  • Weekly contact and advice from DSK Coach Jonathan Shane
  • The chance to win a cash prize of $300 or a FREE ticket to Keto Con


To sign up you must purchase the Deeper State Keto protocol and to be put in the the shred program you MUST put in the code ‘summershred’ at checkout. The challenge officially starts March 1st.

After we talk about the awesome deal with the shred challenge, we dive into the calorie-in-calorie-out misnomer. and the problem we have people feeling like the only way to lose weight is by starving yourself through excessive caloric restriction too much and too often. It is not just about the calories, but it is about the hormones triggers that the food signals. As well as other factors like movement, exercise, and so on. What can change your hormonal triggers the most is not just calories, but food and macro composition.

Another important note is that a lot of what we hear about eating less, move more idea is not the best advice because it causes a lot of people to chronically under eat while running themselves ragged just to see an ounce on the scale move. When really it should be about Eating smart and moving well.

“So many mental disorders are caused by biochemical problems that always lead to nutrition.”

For example, anxiety is not just in the brain, but it comes down to a nutrient deficiency that leads to fatigued addrenals. Which is most commonly caused by overdoing it with sugar as well as a vitamin B1 deficiency. This is where a high fat, low carb diet coupled with nutritional yeast can really help restore your body and possibly your anxiety as well. Mental disorders are your brain and bodies why of alerting you to a problem or deficiency.

We finish off the episode touching on using slack as a way to connect with clients while being a health coach. After that, we dive into the plugs.

You can get in contact with Jonathan Shane on:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theketoroad/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheKetoRoad/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ketoroad

Coaching: https://deeperstateketo.com/coaching-jonathon/

As for me, like always you can find me on:


Instagram: www.instagram.com/thrivingonfat/

Twitter: twitter.com/ThrivingOnFat

Facebook: Facebook.com/thrivingonfat

Coaching: Thrivingonfat.com/coaching2

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