028: Getting Savage with Keto Savage

Today we have Special Guest Robert Sikes aka Keto Savage with us. He is a natural Body Builder, and he owns the Keto Brick. I invited him on the show, because his podcast and Youtube channel have really shaped my understanding of Keto. He puts out some awesome content, enough about that, let’s get into the show.

Stoic Quote of the Episode

As we do with all guest shows, we start off with a quote to help us get into a thoughtful mindset. The quote is: “While we wait for life, life passes.” ― Seneca

The One Take Stoic

Robert’s thoughts on the quote revolve around slowing down, and enjoy the moment. It is not about hording your resources, instead it is about adding move value than you take. He has struggled with this in the past, but he is focusing on enjoying the moments, and taking one step at a time.

This quote reminded my of the John Lennon quote “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” My focus for this quote is to get out of the planning stage and live life. Instead of focusing on what you need to start living, just start living. Be the person you want to be now.

we also talk about the idea of become resilient to adversity. It’s important to understand that we all fail, and when you first start anything new, you many fail hard. If you do that’s okay. Robert adds that it can be a progressive thing. You start out with what you perceive as hard, and slowly you try another harder thing, until you are tackling things you never thought were possible. This is a great point, because it all comes down to perception.

Day in the Life of Robert Sikes…

Perception dictates what you feel is within your grasp, and what is out of your grasp. As you do more difficult things, the area within your grasp gets larger. This is very similar to progressive overload when working out. At first 100 lbs can seem hard, even impossible, but if you take it slow and add a few pounds each time. In time, you can get stronger, and 100 lbs will become manageable. As you continue to train, 150 lbs can be your next goal. It all comes down to getting out of your comfort zone and pushing through what you perceive what your limits are.

Ever since he launched the Keto Brick, things have been chaotic. However, in a perfect world, he wakes up at about 3-4am knocking out clerical things, ie: podcasts, emails ext. Around 5am, he does a 1.5-2 hour training session focusing on a different body part per day. At 7am, the Keto Brick work day starts with a meeting to discuss the daily goal.

The rest of the day he focuses on the overall operations of the facility, while also taking the time to do podcast, or YouTube content creation or editing. Around 10pm or so, he hits the hay and starts it all over the next day, while peppering in meditation or mindfulness. Most recently he has picked up archery.

Need help getting started, then join me 31-Day Challenge

How has it changed over the years?

Robert started lifting as a Junior on high school. Since he lacked proper equipment, he made a bench out of an ice chest while using what he had at hand as weights. Eventually he saved up enough to buy a weight set. Slowly, he started to figure out the movements and once he got a car and gym membership, he could broaden his scope further.

For the first 3-5 year, he was his own trainer, using YouTube as a guide. While also trying to be as in-tune with the movements as he could. Then he would adapt and manipulate the training to get different responses.

He then decided to do a Body Building competition, while on a standard Body Building eating plan. Which heavily emphasizes carbs, at the detriment of over all health. This triggered eating disorders and other unhealthy tendencies. While trying to find a healthier way of approaching Body Building, he stumbled upon Keto through carbohydrate back-loading.

Carbohydrate back-loading is when you eat low carb all day, during you dinner you eat your largest amount of carbs. This allowed him some mental clarity, but it wasn’t until keto that things really seemed to all into place.

Work with me

How did Keto Savage grow?

It wasn’t until Robert stopped doing a job he hated that he really took a step back to see the big picture of what he wanted to do. He new, he wanted to build a buisness with keto, fitness, and nutrition. Slowly Keto Savage started to take shape.

He started of with no one knowing him, and knowing nothing, but slowly he started to build a tool box of knowledge. He started recording YouTube videos with his phone, in his closet just to pump out content. It may not have been pretty, but it was how he grew and became the successful entrepreneur he is today. Along the way he had setbacks and made sacrifices, but overall it led him to where he is now, and from our conversation, it seemed like he would have had it no other way.

Other things we talk about

  • The difficulty in overcoming an eating disorder, but also coming out the other side stronger than before. He used the pain as a teaching tool and a data point of what he is capable of.
  • The uncertainty of leaving his stable job, to pursue his passion. It could have fallen apart and never gained traction, but he never gave up, which allowed him to build something that has changed lives.
  • With Keto Brick he has employees that depend upon him for their livelihood, there is a load of responsibility to make sure you are providing a quality product. However, he sees in as a rewarding part of the job.
  • We touch on self talk and the importance of well managed confidence. while making sure you believe in yourself and the decisions you make.
  • Allowing his choices to be difficult, in order to grow better and become stronger because of them.
  • We talk about how his approach to nutrition has changed from when he first started keto to now.

For the full talk check out the link to the podcast above, thank you for reading the show notes!

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