025: Diving into Mindset and Lifestyle with Keto Neo Part 1

The Stoic Quote we spoke about

Today on the podcast I am talking to Keto Neo, he runs the Keto Matrix podcast, this is quite the episode. Neo is a fasinating gentalmen to talk to and he is not afraid to get deep into things. I hope you enjoy our talk!

As we do with all guest podcasts we start off with a stoic quote, “Look to nothing, not even for a moment except to reason.” I enjoied talking to him about this quote.

Who is Keto Neo?

Neo’s big focus is on changing and adapting to fit his surroundings. As time goes by he does not want to be the same person a month or three from now. He seems to now want to confine himself to what he is currently doing, and what is currently working for him.

I love that outlook because I feel that this is a necessary part for growth and out ongoing daily transformations. I have talked about this a lot on my One Take Stoic Podcast. Each part of our journey requires a new and improved version of ourselves. As we grow, we need to adapt to what is in front our us. We keep our positive and improve on our weaknesses.

How do we grow?

A growth mindset is what Neo uses to allow himself to get better and closer to his ideal. He also understands that he will never stop growing which is not a bad thing, it just is.

We speak a lot about the mindset portion of a ketogenic diet, which leads us into a talk about keto as more than just a weight loss diet. Yes, you can lose a lot of weight with keto, but it is so much more. Both he and I like to look past keto as a diet. Instead, we see it as one part of a lifestyle change.

I talk about this a lot in my Finding your why post, as well as most of my posts. Yes, cleaning out the crap foods will help you lose weight. The diet mentality, however, will only hurt you in the end. I say this because diets end. When they end and you go back to what you did before, you will end up gaining the weight back. The goal should be to find an eating style that you can stick to long term. Then after your weight goals happen you can stick to the change and enjoy the other benefits to a healthy lifestyle.

Breaking Free from diets

Going back to Neo, his reason for being keto is not tied to a diet mindset. It is the way he fuels his body to be mentally strong, and physically awesome. He focuses on what he needs to accomplish each day to be his most optimal self. It can be easy to get bogged down with different approaches, but the goal should be to make is simple and to find what works for you and do tat until you need to adjust to keep seeing the result you want.

During our conversation, I mentally come back to the quote, “The journey of a thousand steps starts with a single step.” Each step we take, takes us deeper down our path, so we need to focus on each step we take instead of the final outcome. Yes, from time to time we need check in points to make sure we are still on path, but aside from those times we need to be focused on the here and now of each individual step.

Embrace a new type of freedom

Using a keto approach can be freeing if you let it. Once you lets the bondage that the carbs force you in to drop, you can allow your self the true freedom to not allow food to control you. Food can be pleasurable yes, but it should not enslave you to a time clock. True freedom comes from not being shackled to the inflammation that the SAD food triggers.

Often times with my guests I find us talking about addiction because food can be an addictive substance, just like most things. For many, a ketogenic lifestyle can help us break the addictive cycle we can find ourselves in.

Once you break you the addiction you are able to taste the complexities and nuances in foods. It is crazy to think about how the carbs and sugars can numb your you from tasting these subtleties.

It goes further than just food, it is crazy to think about how our bodies react to the information we give it on a gut biome, or cellular level. The food we eat can truly change us.

We also go down an amazing rabbit hole about avoiding meat for ethical reasons that allows me to talk about one of my favorite books “The Vegetarian Myth

Keto for self optimization

Like we mentioned before, Neo does not eat high fat, low carb for weight-loss. He does it solely for the mental and cogitative benefits because he has never felt this amazing. He no longer deals with crazy mental swings.

The double-edged sword, for him is that he now has this energy that he needs to reign in. Which can be a good problem to have.

That is part one of our conversation, I hope you enjoyed both the episode and the show notes to this episode. If you would like to connect with me you can do so at:

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