020: Nurishing our gut with Kristie Rice

Today we are joined by a special guest that was kind enough to share her story.

As we do with all of our guest episodes, we dive into the stoic quote of the day. Today’s quote is:


Throughout the episode, we keep coming back to this quote, because it is very true. When going through these lifestyle changes it is important that we reach out for help when it is needed. Likewise, we should also try and offer guidance when we can.

This is why so many of the keto advocates I have talked to so far offer some type of formal or informal coaching because it offers mentorship, guidance, community, and support. Without those things change is not sustainable. Change starts from the fire of a strong why, however, the fire is nourished by a steady income of mentorship, guidance, community, and support. These are all interconnected. If one of these is lacking change can be difficult and hard to sustain.

The following is a bullet point look at our talk:

  • As a child, Christie was sick a lot. Mostly with inflammatory based problems (mostly tonsillitis), G.I. issues and joint pain.
  • As a teen, she tried out being a vegetarian, however, the G.I. issues became worse.
  • In college, she progressed into veganism, which helped her lose weight. However, the weight loss was not a healthy weight loss, and still, the G.I. issues continued.
    • The G.I. issues triggered in times of stress, the stress triggered another bout of tonsillitis.
  • In 2009, she went to Peru. When she came back the G.I. issues were the worst they had ever been. The regular Doc’s chalked it up to the travel and gave her meds to help, this seemed to trigger food allergies. She went to a G.I. Doctor, when ran some tests, eventually she was given the diagnosis of Celiac Disease.
    • This diagnosis at first seemed disheartening, but once she understood it, it explained many other symptoms she was having.
    • At this point the started to eat Gluten free, within a few weeks she lost about 15 pounds (she chalks the weight loss to a loss of inflammation mostly).
    • During this time she also tried Whole 30, paleo, then AIP (Autoimmune Paleo). Nothing quite stuck, except for the gluten-free, to keep the Celiac at bay.
  • While getting her Masters in Colorado, her interest in research was sparked, and another bout of issues came up. She went to another Doctor and ran some test to see what was up, which came up with many dead ends.
    • During this time she heard about the ketogenic diet, on Reddit. She was also battling with sugar addiction, but things didn’t fit into place until Christmas Eve.
  • The next day she started keto, which was 3 years ago, and she is still going strong.
    • It helped her feel better, kicked the inflammation and aided in weight loss. Her biggest change came from switching from the keto diet to the keto lifestyle. It became about overall health.
    • The longer she has stayed keto, the more in tune with her body she has become. She was able to find what foods she can handle and how different foods affect her. She cannot see herself going back to the foods she ate before.
    • It took so time and testing to see what worked for her, but as she tested more, she can now go off how she feels instead of shooting for a blood marker.
    • She has noticed that with a whole food approach to keto, she feels her best. Not that some prepacked keto foods are bad, it is just an observation.
  • The overarching theme is that, throughout her journey, she has learned to love the process.
    • Her passion comes from wanting to learn and to share what she has learned. regardless of if it is the science, stories, or food.
    • We leave you with this, whatever you are going through, whatever you are dealing with, no matter what you are not alone. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help.


If you want to find more about Kristie check her out on:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Nourishmygut/

Life APPS Blog: https://lifeapps.io/author/nourishmygut/

Here are the gout references I mentioned:

  • Gary Taubes book:
  • Gary Taubes Chapter:
  • My Gout Post

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