018: Breakfast ideas and food quality

Today, we start the episode off with a talk about breakfast on keto. Here are a few ideas we mention to shake up your breakfast:
  • Fasting until noon (if you are not hungry)
  • Fatty coffee (if you prefer to eat later in the day)
  • Eating leftovers 
  • Burgers 
  • Fathead dough breakfast sandwiches (or any keto bread substitute)
  • Duck eggs 
  • steak and avocado
Really you can have anything for breakfast, it all depends on what appeals to you in the morning. If you like what you are currently having then more power to you, but if you are looking for a change I hope this helps.
We then move on to catch up with Whit, she is 6 lbs down, which is awesome, she actually started losing weight after EATING MORE food. Yes, you heard me, she is eating more, and losing weight. I have been trying to get her to increase her food, so this is AWESOME. 
We also talk about what I have been doing lately.  Lately, I have been trying a carnivore muscle building program, which I have been seeing some great results with. I have been getting strength gains, losing weight, while also increasing calories. Currently, I follow a similar plan, but I tweaked it a bit we recorded this episode in November. Now I am still eating mostly meat, but I have added in one or two carb meals (of 5-15 g of carbs, so 3o carbs max) a week to see what happens. I also mixed up my training to be a Crossfit template.
We then start a discussion about food quality. The main point is to buy the best food you can afford. While not being afraid to branch out to different food markets, that may be a bit cheaper, and of course visit a farmers market if you can, because they have good prices too.  
We also dive into the concept, that livestock animals have the possibility for a happier life when in the care of a good farmer. Most farmer care for their animals, they never miss a meal, they have a roof over their head (as needed) and these animals do not have to worry about a wolf stalking and killing them. An animal in the wild is subject to their environment, and if there is a drought they can become emaciates and die.
If you want more information on this topic, we reference the book, The Vegetarian Myth. It is a well-researched book that is written by a woman who was a vegan, and her internal struggle with eating meat again. During the book, she dismantles the common arguments for going vegan.
We jump around a lot in this episode, but I really like the discussions we had. The Recipe for the Fat Head pizza will be posted tomorrow, becuase I need to shoot some pictures first, and I will make a pizza tomorrow to have pictures to go along with the recipe.

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