017: All things Mindset with Danny Vega

Today on the podcast we are talking with Danny Vega. We start off the episode with the Seneca quote: “He who is brave is free”

We have an awesome talk that explores the notion that freedom comes from the bravery to be yourself and to be decisive about it. During the talk, Danny shares the book, “The Courage to be Disliked” (which is now on my reading list.)

It’s important to note that we cannot control the way others perceive and react to what we talk about and who we are. When we understand also what we control, we can better attack what we are given. Around this time my little guy woke up from his nap, which truly tested me being able to have a handle on what we cannot control.
We also talk about intention and not letting others action or words to get to you.

People may not mean to set you off with their abrasiveness, but it does happen sometimes. When it does it is up to us to choose how we are to react to the situation.

Danny also mentions that is we all went through a 12-step AA, like, program, We could start to appreciate what we are all going through. Yes, it may seem like we are going through bad times, but it happens to us all. The important thing is that we do not let those bad times become an excuse to treat others negatively.

We also talk about choosing growth over failure. When we do not get something, we can either fail or grow from failure. Danny shares a book written by Coop Blackson, that exemplifies this notion “You Are The One

The 200 in 200, is his daily challenge to complete this bodyweight workout over the next 200 days on top of whatever else he is doing:

  • 50 Burpees
  • 50 Pull-ups
  • 50 Pushups
  • 50 Squats

Regardless of how he feels it is about the mental fortitude to do the work no matter what. The consistency is the motivating factor.

We connect our mental journey with a BJJ journey and our dietary journey. All of these seemingly disparate things really do intertwine and connect into all aspect of our lives. What we fuel with changes our body, how we choose to move our body can change how we react to the situations we are given. And our mindset is the backbone of all of it.

Our talk really focuses around finding what works for you. If you are just starting out it is okay to incorporate more of the keto replacement to the normal carb fare, but the important thing is that eventually, we can step away from those types of foods to really allow ourselves the freedom of foods.

Another important note is that we are not the same, for some we can indulge sensibly in sweets, while with others the same sweet thing will throw us into a tailspin. Both Danny and I openly struggle with the latter.

We also touch on homeschooled kids, and how often times, there is a stigma that they are weird, however, to the contrary often times, they would be homeschooled because of their developmental issues since the school system is not always equipt for these special cases. There are homeschooled kids that are perfectly normal but are also homeschooled, and the interaction with people in a perfectly normal way.

Raising kids and choosing how you want to school them, and how you want them to thrive, is a tricky thing. Each child’s journey, much like ours, will be different.

Other books that were mentioned during the talk: “The Obstacle Is The Way” Ryan Holiday

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Notice a theme? Anywho, I’ll talk at you tomorrow!

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