015: The Pillars of Health


Today I am bringing together the pillars of health, by showing you how I fit them all into my daily life. I don’t even have to think about them anymore, because I make them a part of my life.

Before we get into that, I finish off the last pillar by talking about community. A community is important because it is hard to stick to any change without a support system behind you. This is why I started the facebook group. Feel free to join, so far it is a small group, but I would like it to grow. If you would prefer I also offer coaching, you can fill out my coaching form here.


Now on to my day:

  • After I turn off my alarm (sometimes I hit snooze), I freshen up in the bathroom and check my weight, and get dressed.
  • Then, I go through my affirmations.
  • After I make my coffee (that was automatically brewed).
  • While prepping my coffee, I review my morning quote for the day.
  • After, I grab my bag (packed from the previous night) and hop in the car to head to work.
  • While I drive to work, I record my daily “One Take Stoic” podcast where I share the quote and my thoughts on it.
  • As I work I listen to podcasts/audiobooks while throwing truck, until 7am.
  • Aside from the coffee, I fast during work.
  • While at work I laugh and have fun with my coworkers, I am a firm believer that you work hard and play hard. The sense of community with them is a good one.
  • After I get off work I either head to a coffee shop, my gym, run errands or head home depending on the day.
  • Once 4-4:30 rolls around I get my son from daycare, my wife and I normally take him to a park to get out his energy.
  • My wife will often times go for a run or rollerblade and I’ll keep an eye on the boy.
  • After we are done we head home we eat dinner. Since I devote Saturdays to meal prep.
  • After food is finished and cleaned up we either play with the little guy or sit down for some TV or family time.
  • After putting the boy to bed my wife and I bond for 30 minutes or so.
  • Before going to bed part of my nightly ritual is getting ready for the next day.
  • When getting ready for bed I utilize my sleep tips often.


So there it is my healthy lifestyle. It can be hectic, but I love it. I feel pretty well energized all day, and by the time for bed, I am ready for it.

I hope that showing you my day helps you see just how easy this way of life is. Once you have the process in place in is sort of on autopilot.

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