013: Movement

During this post, I have included graphics that depict some east workouts you could include to get you moving. A workout does not need to be confined to a box gym, special clothes, and a drive time commute. All a workout is is a session of strenuous work or exercise. Unless you are a competitive athlete, you do not need to make it to the weight rack every day to get a powerful exercise. Why I say this I am not saying that Olympic lifts or a well-formulated Crossfit WOD is in any way bad. Quite the opposite. I am just highlighting that working out can be done with only your body weight or the stuff you have around your house.

IMG_20180911_133050_667.jpgMore to the point, I want us to have a mind shift from, “this is my workout time,” to “life is my playground”. Think like a kid, have you ever seem a kid look to the roof, then o their friend and say, “wanna see if I can touch the ceiling?” Then they keep jumping until their fingertips brush the ceiling. Do they see it as working on their vertical jump? Heck no, they see it as fun that’s how working out should be. You should enjoy the process of working out. If that is hitting the weights, do it. If that does not interest you then you may want to find a different way to get moving.

Personally, I enjoy BJJ, Olympic lifts, hiking biking, skateboarding, and all that jazz, so I cater my movements to that. I also do a lot of work with rowing machines, kettlebells, barbells, mobility drills, and Tabata or HIIT style workouts. But if none of that interests you then fine, don’t do it, my wife loathes weight lifting, instead, she prefers to train BJJ, rollerblade or play basketball, she will also do running or hiking. She enjoys getting her movement from activities that involve bursts of all-out intensity followed by a decent recovery period. This is the goal to find what you like and use that as your training tool. Also, don’t be afraid to move in general, meaning that the next time you go to the store park your car farther away from the building, if your job allows it to get a desk that can go from sitting to standing, or if you cannot do that try and go for a walk on your break. IMG_20180909_170349_571.jpgJust get moving, punctuate your day with movement. For weight bearing movements do a few squats, push-ups or lunges during the next commercial or loading screen you are faced with. Do some calf raises while waiting in line. Heck, you could even try to touch a ceiling somewhere. Try and get out of the mindset that I can only do a workout at the gym, and because it takes so long I can’t fit one in.

As for actually setting time aside to workout, you really don’t need a ton of time to do a workout. This is because there are two main variables for an effective workout, which are time and intensity. If you have more time you can go at a lower intensity and get good results, conversely, if you are strapped for time then you need to ramp up the intensity to lower the time.

This is where things, like a Wingate test, a Tabata protocol or a HIIT workouts are amazing for time efficiency. To put context to that a wingate test only takes about 5-10 minutes, this includes a warmup and cooldown, but it is only 30 seconds of work, mind you the intensity is as high as you can get it. A Tabata is a less intense, but still very intense, workout that leaves you huffing and puffing by the end of time, it is 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off rep scheme that lasts 8 cycles (during the 20 seconds of work you give all that you got). You can do things like sprints, jump rope, rowing, bag work on a punching bag, air squats, push ups, burpees, mountain climbers. If you want to lower the IMG_20180908_211000_475.jpgintensity a bit you can extent the workout to a 2-3 set version of this making it an 8-12 minute workout. again trading time for intensity. Conversely, you could do Zone-2 steady state cardio and still see a benefit in moving your fitness in the right direction. Basically, with a heart rate monitor, you would run at a pace that would keep your heart rate in a zone 2 range, which would be about 180- your age. For more info on that check this article.

If you get nothing else from this episode, take this working out is merely moving with varied intensity. It can range from walking fast then slow or doing a Tabata, the key is to move. Now, general exercising for health is much different from training for a goal. Both have their purposes, and each of us may flow from one to the other depending upon the situation. When you are training you are working out with a goal in mind. IE: lose weight, gain muscle, get ready for a sport, race, or wanting to increase a PR. Put talk is great for getting you started, however, if you are struggling to find something that works for you, you could work with a coach, like me, to help you address your specific goals.


Generally, coaching could include a dietary approach to the training as well, because like many others have said, it’s 80% diet and 20% movement, stress, sleep, and community. With that said thank you again for joining me in another episode of the podcast.

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