009: non-scale victories and knowing what works for you

Today it is just Ash and I.

We start off the episode with talking to Ash about her keto diet, and we catch up with what she has been doing. We are on the way to a Dentist’s appointment for her, so she gets a bit loopy towards the end.

While we are catching up with her we go talk about a few of her non-scale victories. Like her clothes fitting better. She’s been having a lot of awesome success with keto, and it’s not just a number on the scale. In some cases, the scale might not change, but your pants my fit looser. If that be the case your body is changing in a favorable direction.


After talking about her non-scale victories, we talk about how she knows herself well enough to know that she can go off plan from time to time without causing her to tailspin into bad choices.

This an important thing to note. If you choose to go off plan, make sure you do it in a way that works for you. She has the control to indulge in junk food if she wants to, however, I do not have that same luxury. I know that if I indulge in the wrong thing I know that it is hard for me to reel myself in. So what I do, is I avoid them completely, because that is in my best interest.

It all comes down to knowing yourself. Knowing about what you can and cannot deal with. If you are more like Ash, you may be able to have the take out food, the real bun and so forth without it affecting you too much. If you are more like me, however, you may have to indulge responsibly. Yes, that sounds like a beer commercial. But for me, it is an addiction that I still struggle

with if I consume the food that does not agree with me. Like I say in the episode, I am like a kid at a birthday I will eat until my tummy is full and I pass out. I know myself well enough to know that there are things I can and cannot handle.

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