007: Gut Health, Type 2 Diabetes and Vegans

Today we catch up with Whitney and Ash again. Today we try recording in the car for better acoustics, but it was a bit of a wash.

Regardless, we talk about what is going well and not so well for the ladies. The last half of the show we talk about type 2 diabetes and how diet can play a role in mitigating the symptoms, and in some cases even reverse it.

When we catch up with Ash, she tells us about her birthday plans. She chose to go off plan and eat the foods she normally would. It did not seem to affect her too much.

On the other hand, when we caught up with Whit, the previous she had chicken Flautas, and a soda. For her, the cheat not only made her stomach upset, she gained weight, and it also caused her to have a narcoleptic pull, so bad that she needed a nap before she was ready to record the podcast.

Whit asked again about poop again. We discuss the possibility of these bathroom episodes may be caused by your gut flora being repopulated. When you change your diet, your gut flora changes with it. So, the idea is when you go from the SAD way of eating to a low-carb, paleo or keto style of eating your gut is throwing away the unneeded gut bugs to adapt with the new environment. The same goes when you go from a keto, heavy in plants and fiber to a carnivore keto approach. The gut bugs that were there to digest the fiber are no longer needed, nor are they being fed. So this die-off period can result in gastric distress, but once all the old gut bugs die off you should be right as rain.

I also touch on how feeding different gut flora may help with ADHD, Autism and other neurological dysfunctions. The book Brain Maker by Dr. David Perlmutter goes a deep dive into the topic of gut flora and health. I mention that the book is Grain Brain, I misspoke, that is also a book by him, however, it is not the one I was referring to.

After we move on from that topic, I give you the recipe for my high-fat cheesecake. It is super yummy. Here is a link to the recipe.

The soda Whit mentioned is Bai, she enjoys it, and it keeps her soda cravings at bay.

We also talk about fasting, if you ever choose to fast, make sure you are keeping hydrated and do not skip on the electrolytes! They are key. These are the electrolytes I use. If you do not have electrolytes, bone broth is also great to help you recoup electrolytes.

Now we move on to type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes happens when we become resistant to insulin. The high insulin comes from an excess amount to glucose in the bloodstream. Because too much glucose can be toxic. The problem is that, much like with alcohol, or caffeine, we can build up a tolerance to insulin. This means that as we intake more carbs/sugar (glucose) than our muscles and blood cam use insulin needs to come in and usher it away. As time goes by more and more insulin is needed to usher away the same amount of glucose. Eventually you become so resistant (tolerant) to the insulin that you cannot make what you need, this is where insulin injections come in. The sad irony is that you can fix this by cutting the carbs, and sugar. Eventually you can heal your resistance. In some cases, not fully, but it can become manageable. There is hope. You can fix yourself.

I also reference the Virta Health Studies, this is the link to the page where you can find the study I referenced, as well as all other the studies they have published, showing how effective well-formulated ketogenic diet can be.

We also address a Vegan approach to a keto diet. If you choose to go Vegan Keto, you will need to supplement with vitamin B12, and limit your carbs, while increasing things like avocados, coconut, macadamia nuts and other fatty produce or nuts. If you want an awesome resource about making a vegan keto approach work for you check out The Ketotarian By Dr. Will Cole.

The methylation problem I was talking about is and MTHFR mutation. When you have this genetic mutation, you have a hard time converting certain amino acids into the forms you need them. This is the DNA test I was talking about.

We also about about Ash’s herniated disk, and how keto has help mitigate the number of flare up she has had, since starting keto.

We spend the last chunk of the episode talking about dental health and sugar. Oral health is a directly connected to our overall health. Remember all of our food passes through our mouth. If that is going haywire, how is the rest of your body being affected by your diet?

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