004: Cheating, Gremlins, and Co-hosts

Time for the weekly update with my Monday co-hosts!

While we catch up with Whit and Ash, we talk a bit about leptin, ghrelin and their roles in satiety when switching from the Standard American Diet to a keto aligned diet.

We also talk about Whit having to tweak her diet to fit her needs. Ash addresses her food cravings.

Whit has me outline how I have tweaked her diet to help her lose weight.

Quick correction, I said that a classic keto diet is a 1:1 fat to protein, I misspoke a classic keto diet is the therapeutic 3:1 ratio. Also in regards to her carb sources, we failed to mention that the bulk of her carbs comes from the nuts she has for breakfast.

We discuss changing variables to help see results. It’s important to remember that we are all different, and what works for us may not work for you.

Whit asks me to talk about using food as a tool for happiness. It seems like much of our culture deals with emotions by eating them away.

Modern junk food seems to hijack the reward centers in our brain with hyperpalatable foods that leave us craving more. If we are coping with foods, it can lead to a vicious cycle of binge, fast, binge.

From there we talk about the stigma associated with “cheating,” and how you are not truly cheating anyone. You are only keeping yourself from your goals.

We also talk about Gretchen Rubins abstainers and moderators, and how that can be factored in on how we should approach keeping junk food in the house.

We finish off the podcast by talking about food addiction and learning to enjoy the people you are with instead of just the food you are consuming.

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